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2Die4 Live Foods- Activated Organic Tamari Almonds 40g

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Gluten free, Activated Organic Tamari Almonds made using only the most premium quality almonds and Tamari. Crunchy, delicious and nutritious, you have to try them to really appreciate just how good they are. Fair warning though, one handful is never enough!

After being long soaked in a unique natural solution, a fermentation process that 'Activates' the almonds and multiplies their goodness, the almonds are then long-dried (slowly dehydrated) at low temperatures.

The results of this nutrient-enhancing transformation - crunchy, tasty, easy to digest and nutritious tamari almonds!


Organic Australian Almonds, Organic Tamari (Made in USA from Water, Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol (to preserve freshness)), Certified Organic Australian Salt, Filtered Water