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Bliss Fit Food-Keto Superfood Fat Bomb –Chai(48g)

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**Please be mindful this product may melted during warm/hot weather. Keto Direct do not issue refund/exchange if the product melted during transit**


Handcrafted with love and jam-packed with antioxidants, healthy fats from organic plants, and nutrient-dense superfoods, the Bliss Fit KETO SUPERFOOD FAT BOMB is your scrumptious wholefood KETONE-BOOSTING MEAL REPLACEMENT that tastes just like a dessert! This sweet, luscious and zesty bomb is specially crafted to popular tastes so your whole family can enjoy anytime (shhh, it is SUPER LOW-CARB!). Our BLISS FIT KETO FAT BOMB is carefully formulated to attain the optimal macro ratio (Fats 90.1% | Protein 3.5% | Carbs 4.1%) helping you to stay in ketosis, and shred to your desired body weight whilst providing you with the essential nutrients to feel your best energetic self! It’s deliciously versatile. You can enjoy on its own or microwave for 50 seconds to melt, and then dip our ACTIVATED KETO CLUSTERS in this golden, silky cream for a delectable keto meal. Curb your hunger and satisfy your sweet cravings with this VEGAN FAT BOMB!



Organic cacao (min 57%, organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder), erythritol, organic cashews, organic psyllium husk, organic cinnamon, organic allspice, Pink Himalayan salt, organic cardamom essential oil, organic pepper, organic nutmeg, organic stevia extract.


BLISS FIT KETO SUPERFOOD FAT BOMB is handcrafted and jampacked with antioxidants, healthy plant-based fats and nutrient-dense superfood turmeric. The bombs are carefully formulated to attain the optimal macro ratio (Fats 90.1% | Protein 3.5% | Carbs 4.1%) , helping you to get into and stay in ketosis, whist providing you with the essential nutrients your body and brains deserve! The best part – it taste just like a dessert!!