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Bliss Fit Foods- Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Clusters(300g)

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Handcrafted with love and jam-packed with healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals from 100% unrefined, plant-based wholefoods, our vegan Keto Clusters – Lemon Sesame are carefully formulated to attain the perfect keto macro ratio (Fats 77%, Protein 14%, Carbs 3.4%), helping you to feel fuller for longer. Made with ACTIVATED nuts and seeds, the clusters are SLOWLY DEHYDRATED for easy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption. Refreshing lemon juice and a hint of lemon oil complement the nutty, nutrient-dense black sesame seeds.

Deliciously versatile – soak in nut milk, add to yoghurt, or top smoothies for a sweet low-carb meal. Alternatively, enjoy them with salads, veggies, stuff in avocados or have straight from the pack to nourish your body and replenish your energy anytime. HIGH in heart-healthy fats and extremely LOW in carbs, the clusters are great for people who have insulin resistance or diabetes, too.


Sunflower seeds*•, coconut•, hazelnuts*•, erythritol, almonds*•, pumpkin seeds*•, flaxseeds*•,  cacao powder•, psyllium husk•, cashews*•, pink himlayan salt, monk fruit extract .
*Seeds & nuts are ACTIVATED.  Ingredients are certified ORGANIC.


  • ‘Activating’ nuts and seeds reduces naturally occurring anti-nutrients (phytates and enzyme inhibitors) that bind to minerals in the digestive tract and inhibit enzymatic activity, making essential nutrients less available to our bodies. This multi-day process increases bio-availability, allowing your body to better digest and absorb maximum nutrients from every blissful bite!
  • The world’s cleanest ingredients and 100% WHOLE FOOD, UNREFINED, plant-based instant keto meal.
  • Carbohydrates are less than  4.7 g per every 100 g!
  • Perfect KETO MACRO RATIO – Fats 77%, Protein 14%, Carbs 3.4%.
  • Sweetned with MONK FRUIT EXTRACT (less than 0.2%) only.