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BONEAFIDE-Protein Broth Cookie 10g

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This is a limited opportunity to try our latest creation for an amazing price! Don’t miss out!

Attention!! This amazing Boneafide creation could potentially be the WORLD’S HEALTHIEST COOKIE!!

Here’s why..

Protein is a highly-available macronutrient in todays snack foods but the question is – where is your protein coming from? Our broth cookie is 100% bio-available protein coming from organic and sustainably sourced eco-friendly Aussie chicken.
It also includes macadamia nuts from Yandina on the Sunshine Coast and an old Aussie favourite herb Lemon Myrtle which adds the perfect zing of flavour to the unique texture of our cookie. #Yepthatsall

Not only is it super healthy! It tastes incredible. The reason we decided to sell these in packs of 6 are because you simply won’t be able to stop at 1!

Our cookies are a Keto-friendly (high in sat. fats), super convenient (Non refrigerated, lightweight)  way of treating your body and tastebuds to the perfect treat!

Whether you want a yummy snack to satisfy your cravings, a perfect protein source post-workout or a healthy treat for the kids our broth cookie hits all the marks.

No additives or preservatives, gluten free, Australian owned and made on the Sunshine Coast.

Allergen Warning: This product contains tree nuts.

If you have any questions about this product or any others feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or social media!

Each cookie has 4.7g of Protein, 0.5g of Carbs and 6.2g of Fat.