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BULK BUY **Low Carb** Christmas Pudding 400g x5

$94.95 $137.50


**Please be mindful this is a low carb product(Not KETO), please read ingredients listing before purchase. Thank you. **

It's the time of the year to get a little something for a teacher, colleague, family member or someone you want to show some appreciation towards. We can't think of a better option than a low carb, low sugar Christmas Pudding for this festive season!

Low carb puddings never tasted so good!!

Celebrate Christmas your way with these delicious puddings. 

Best served with custard or cream!

ALLERGEN WARNING: Tree nuts (Almonds), Gluten, Milk, Egg and Soy Products.

Packaged in a vacuum sealed pouch to ensure long shelf life, our puddings are presented attractively in a decorative box.

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