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Crispy Chicken Crackle- Sea Salt 40g

$5.85 $5.95

Our Crispy chicken crackle is exactly that and nothing more... Crispy, crunchy pieces of certified organic free range chicken skin. From the skins to the flavorings each of these utterly delicious pieces are 100% natural & chemical free so you can enjoy them without any guilt or compromise

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this flavour. The way we prepare our chicken crackle results in it’s very own delicious and unique taste. It’s only made better by seasoning it with just the right amount of salty goodness. There’s nothing fancy here, but sometimes less is more!

Specifically created to give you the ultimate protein hit and ideal low carb snack. And with 17g of Protein and 20g of Fat you'll be able to easily make your macros work no matter what time of the day.

INGREDIENTS: Hagens Organic Free Range Chicken Skins, Sea Salt, Bamboo Fibre, MCT Oil