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Everything Bagel Blend "Season it just right" 65g -65 Serves

$8.95 $12.95
Keto Everything Bagel Blend 
"Season it just right!"

Keto Everything Bagel Blend - works well on pretty much any breakfast, lunch, dinner or savoury snack!

Use it anyway you like.

1. Rub it on and roast/grill protein of your choice
2. Sprinkle it on eggs
3. Toss through your salad
4. Whip it into a dressing of your choice
5. Make a dip with it
6. Add it to your stir fry
7. Stir it into your creamy soup of choice
8. Top your Mac and Cheese
9. Garnish your low carb bread with it
10. Spruce up your roast, grilled or steamed vegetables
11. Mix it into your low carb crumb options

It makes everything better !