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Halo Sugar- Milk Chocolate Protein Crackle 85g (Best Before 03/22)

$9.50 $9.90

** Please be mindful this product may melt during warm/hot weather. Keto Direct will not offer returns/ exchanges if the product melts during transportation. Please refrigerated them once you receive the product.**

 **Contain polydextrose**

Filled with crispy Whey Protein Crispies & sprinkled with sugar free Sprinkles. Protein Crackle will let off the crackles in your mouth & your tastebuds will have a party!

Take it on the go for or enjoy it after lunch or dinner; your taste buds will thank you for it.

Bite into pure rich Cacao and taste the sweetness of Creamy Milk whilst experiencing the waves of delicious tasting notes that melt in your mouth leaving you with lingering layers of earthy cacao, sweet creamy milk & a satisfied palate of rich 48% Milk Chocolate.

Halo Sugar is not only bringing you Hand Crafted gourmet Milk Chocolate but we are also bringing you chocolate that is made fresh and from natural, high quality ingredients that is packed with Superfoods.

Our chocolate is Low Carb & Keto Friendly and has no added Sugar but sweetened with Erythritol & Stevia. We have used sweeteners that are good for your health and yet still guaranteed to please that sweet craving. A small piece is all you need.