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Keto BBQ Companion A5- Printed Book + free eBook

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With loving favourite recipes such as tzatziki, Mexican spice mix and garlic butter as well as an additional 23 fresh new recipes such as Portuguese chicken, BBQ prawn skewers, notato salad and our crowd pleasing mint and lime slushy, which will be loved by everyone!
We wanted to make dinners and entertaining delicious, simple to prepare and offering you plenty of inspiration to make the every day bbq meal something amazing AND low carb that everyone will love!

With marinades and dressings that you can mix and match with your favourite proteins, salads and dressings, desserts and a refreshing drink, 

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**You will receive an email with a download link. We would appreciate you not redistributing the emailed link or the e-book to others. The income generated from our recipe book is to support our hard work and passion in putting this book together for our LCHF enthusiasts. And more importantly, this income will support the making of the next cookbooks for you to enjoy in our LCHF series. Thank-you. The Foodie & The Chef x**