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Keto Chocolate - Immune Boost Dragonfruit 80g


**Chocolate- Please be aware this product may melt during transit. Keto Direct will not issue refund or exchange if received melted on arrival. Please store them in the refrigerator if product arrives soft in texture**



A fresh tropical Dragonfruit White Chocolate. Dragonfruit Potential benefits include improved heart health, enhanced digestion, increased immunity, better blood sugar control and protection against certain types of cancer.

Dragon fruit is packed with flavonoids and flu-fighting vitamin C, which is great for the immune system. In fact, it contains more vitamin C than a carrot. Dragon fruit also ranks high on the antioxidant list, which helps kick harmful free radicals. Other nutritional benefits include; vitamins B1, B2 and B3, as well as calcium, phosphorous, iron, protein, niacin and fibre, all of which help keep your immune system in great shape.

Our range is delicious, creamy and great for your health. As usual we never include sugar and only source high quality superfoods.

  • Low Carb
  • Keto Friendly
  • No added Sugar 
  • Delicious!

Ticks all the boxes!

A small piece is all you need.

Have your Chocolate without the Guilt!