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Keto White Chocolate - Vanilla Hazelnut 80g


**Chocolate- Please be aware this product may melt during transit. Keto Direct will not issue refund or exchange if received melted on arrival. Please store them in the refrigerator if product arrives soft in texture**


Having healthy delicious alternatives to your favourite sugar loaded Chocolates is very important in enjoying and maintaining your new way of eating. Our mission is to provide these alternatives to reward you in choosing a lifestyle that's better for your health and to help you overcome the challenges of resisting the temptation that's out there.

Delicious Vanilla White Chocolate featuring fresh Vanilla Bean and topped with Crunchy Hazelnuts - absolutely divine. 

It’s delicious, creamy and great for your health. As usual we never include sugar and only use high quality ingredients.

  • Low Carb
  • Keto Friendly
  • No added Sugar 
  • Delicious

Ticks all the boxes!

A small piece is all you need.