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Kiss My Keto- Keto Chocolate (Pumpkin Seed & Sea Salt)

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**Please be mindful this product may melt during warm/ hot weather. Keto Direct will not offer returns / exchanges if the product melts during transportation. Please refrigerated them once you receive the product**

Treat yourself to the first-ever, MCT oil-infused, sugar-free Keto Chocolate!

We developed our deliciously sweet, craving-killing Keto Chocolate to make the Keto lifestyle as sustainable as possible for you!

We're all human. And humans are prone to slip-ups. So why not make your slip-up keto?!

Ketogenic Chocolate is for anyone who’s ever struggled with transitioning away from carbs, or still experiences cravings for sweets and chocolate…
It’s for anyone who wants fast and easy way to have something sweet and infused with healthy MCT Oil, without spending hours scouring the internet for recipes….

If you're a fan of classic dark chocolate, then you'll love this sugar-free bar


** Please Note: Nutrition label is in American format, therefore net carb is: Total Carb (13g)- Dietary Fiber(7g)- Erythritol(4g) = Net carb:2g per serving , 4g per bar**