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Kiss My Keto-Keto Replenish - Mixed Berry Electrolyte Powder (360g)

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What is Keto Replenish Mixed Berry Powder?
Don’t Let ‘Keto-Flu’ and Unbalanced Micronutrients Defeat You!
Keto-Flu is a collection of symptoms of withdrawals from sugar and carbs, which includes headache, brain fog, lethargic, mood swings and muscle cramps. It happens when your body is still trying to adapt to the sudden change of energy source from using glucose to using fats…
… or when your body is losing so much body fluid and essential electrolytes as a result of going into ketosis.
Although these symptoms are temporary, it can make potential ketoers throw in the white towel and eat a tub of ice-cream to fix their sugar cravings.
However, unbalanced micronutrients occur not just in the beginning phase of following into the ketogenic diet.
It also happens to ketone-adapted bodies — which can make senior ketoers quit this lifestyle altogether. That’s because being in ketosis makes has a strong diuretic effect — which makes your body to be dehydrated easily and lose all the essential nutrients.
“Can’t I just take off-the-shelves electrolytes to replenish my unbalanced micronutrients?” No! That’s because most of the electrolytes drink or supplements contain sugar which will kick you out of ketosis. That is definitely not a good solution for ketoers.
With Kiss My Keto - Keto Replenish Electrolytes Powder — you no longer have to worry about keto-flu & electrolyte imbalances. It contains all the essential electrolytes that your body need which will help you replenish your body and make you feel refresh and have more energy.
Whether you are new ketoer looking to get a good head start into this diet… ... or if you are a senior ketoer who are already fat-adapted, this is a must-have for you. Get rid of ‘Keto-Flu’ and balance your electrolytes to get the best result from the ketogenic diet with Keto Replenish Electrolytes Powder By Kiss My Keto.

Why are Keto Replenish Powder and Keto Replenish Capsules better than homemade rehydration drinks (KetoAide, Bone broth etc.)?
No more measuring, calculating, and weighing out 3-5 different ingredients to make yourself a salty tasting drink
No artificial sweeteners or ingredients
Simply mix Keto Replenish Powder with water and get a healthy, deliciously fruity beverage that hydrates you for hours


Ingredient list: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chloride, Sodium (Himalayan Pink Salt), Potassium