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Keto Milk Chocolate - Strawberry Crumble 80g


**Chocolate- Please be aware this product may melt during transit. Keto Direct will not issue refund or exchange if received melted on arrival. Please store them in the refrigerator if product arrives soft in texture**


Strawberries & Milk Chocolate - We all know that these two are happily married. A famous combination.

This Keto friendly creamy Milk Chocolate bar is ready to travel with you anytime and anywhere. We would all love to have fresh strawberries dipped in Chocolate everywhere we go but we know its not realistic- but now you can experience this in a Chocolate Bar!

A strawberry flavoured Milk Chocolate bar sprinkled with Freeze dried Strawberry crumble - Enjoy!


Bite into pure rich Cacao and taste the sweetness of Creamy Milk whilst experiencing the waves of delicious tasting notes that melt in your mouth leaving you with lingering layers of earthy cacao, sweet creamy milk & a satisfied palate of rich Milk Chocolate.

Halo Sugar is not only bringing you Hand Crafted gourmet Milk Chocolate but we are also bringing you chocolate that is made fresh and from natural, high quality ingredients that is packed with Superfoods.

Our chocolate is Low Carb & Keto Friendly and has no added Sugar but sweetened with Erythritol & Stevia. We have used sweeteners that are good for your health and yet still guaranteed to please that sweet craving. A small piece is all you need.

Made from Organic Cacao Nibs and Hand Crafted into a melt in your mouth creamy milk chocolate.

Taste the true Milk Chocolate experience without the guilt.


Please note: We do our best in packaging our products to prevent chocolate from getting damaged or being melted in transit but unfortunately  Chocolate can still melt. If this occurs please refrigerate your Chocolate upon receiving it. Keto Direct can not take responsibility when Chocolate has been melted or damaged in transit.