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**Top Deals** Chocolate Gummies 120g (Best Before 06/07/22)

$10.00 $13.95


Locako's Chocolate gummies make an at-home delicious chocolate treat that will leave you guilt free and help your skin glow.



- Skin Health 

- Gut Health 

- Aids Digestive System 

- Benefits gastrointestinal tract.

- Good Source Protein and Dietary Collagen 

- Added MCT's for metabolism 

- Tasty lunch snack for kids

- Dairy Free 

- Gluten Free 

- No Added Sugar 


What you need 

1. 300g water (coconut milk, almond milk, coconut cream or heavy cream works wonders) 

2. Saucepan 

3. Gummies moulds 



1. Add whole contents of the bag into a sauce pan with liquid of choice 

2. Stir until completely dissolved

3. Pour mixture into moulds

4. Refrigerate for an hour