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Mega Munch Instant Porridge - 250g

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Harness the power of nature’s most amazing nutrient-dense foods.

O’Mega Munch smooth porridge is high in fibre and packed with plant protein. Free from gluten, grains, added sugar or preservatives, each ‘monsterlicious’ spoonful is bursting with vegan goodness and the beneficial fats your body needs to help you power through your day.

O’Mega Munch is loaded with naturally occurring micronutrients and mixes instantly with either hot or cold milk, cream, yoghurt or your favourite dairy-free alternative.



Excellent source of Vitamin E — best known for its immunity and antioxidant properties.

Excellent source of fatty acids, dietary fibre, minerals and lignans to promote heart health.

Excellent source of healthy fats known as medium-chain
-triglycerides (MCT’s). Rich in fibre and packed with essential vitamins and minerals coconut helps to boost metabolism.

Excellent source of anti-inflammatories antioxidants and essential minerals including copper, magnesium and selenium which help to increase immunity and defend against free-radical damage, heart disease and cancer.

Loaded with antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids to help keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol.

An often overlooked powerhouse of natural oils, vitamins, minerals including calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B6.

Other Ingredients: Erythritol (non-nutritive sweetener), Himalayan Rock Salt