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Multi-Buy 3 packs

$95.95 $119.85

Pick any three Locako Collagen creamers and save some extra money!

Please leave a note at checkout on flavours of preferences

-Madagascan Vanilla with Siberian Ginseng Turmeric & MCT oil 300g

-Decadent Chocolate with Magnesium ,L-Theanine & MCT oil 300g

-Vanilla Toffee with Ashwaghanda, L-Theanine & Siberian Ginseng 300g

-Natural flavour with MCT oil 300g

-Cookies & Cream with MCT & Real Cookie Crumb 300g

-Macadamia White Choc with Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin & Macadamia Oil 300g