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Synergy Collagen & Electrolytes Single Serve (Berry Jelly)

$3.50 $3.95

Australia’s First Collagen and Electrolyte fusion.

Hydrate your body by dual action to replace the minerals lost through sweat, hard work, diet, and whilst nourishing your gut, hair, skin, nails, joints and bones. Can it get any better than that? Our Synergistic Blend of magnesium, potassium, sodium and collagen is Australia’s first.

Electrolytes are essential minerals needed to maintain an intricate balance in the body. These minerals carry an electrical charge that is essential for our wellbeing and survival.

Electrolytes also stimulate our muscle contractions including our heart muscle. We lose electrolytes daily in the gym, outdoors, anytime we sweat or if you follow the keto lifestyle.
Coupled with Collagen this powerhouse blend will keep you hydrated whilst helping your muscles recover and nourish your gut for enhanced absorption. Each serve has 5 grams of Collagen, is Keto friendly and gentle on the stomach.

If you want to up your game at the Gym, Work, Rest, or Play and fuel your workout naturally then try our Berry Jelly today for Optimal Performance, Hydration and Recovery.

Our concentrated nutritional powerhouse has no thickeners, fillers, additives or artificial flavours or sweeteners to get in the way of your progress and health

Weight: 210 grams per package

Serving size: 7 grams

Serves per package: 30