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Wild Porcini Salt(60g)


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Rich and full bodied flavours of Porcini mushrooms enhanced by green peppercorns create a sensory delight. The perfect blend for pasta, cream sauces, konjac rice, game meats, poultry or everyday use.


Made with PURE and potent Porcini mushrooms to give this salt a powerful richness and maximum aroma. Standing ovation for our Wild Porcini salt please, it deserves no less.


Naturally good for you - all natural and plant based ingredients.
FREE from Gluten, MSG, GMO, Preservatives, Dairy, Soy, Fillers, Anti-Caking Agent and Additives.






Salt, Porcini Mushroom, Onion, Garlic, Green Peppercorn. May contain trace amounts of nuts.


Product of Australia • Made from local and imported ingredients • Store in a dark, cool place.