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Yogi Tea Variety Pack (Pick Any 3 for $23.95)

$23.95 $29.85

The weather is getting cold! A nice warm cup of tea with Yogi Tea's daily affirmation quote can help us keep going! One of the best herbal tea many of us love! Choose any 3 of the following and save!

-Ginger Tea Bags 16 bags
-Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox Tea Bags 16 bags
-Sweet Tangerine Positive x 16 teabags
-Blueberry Slim teabags-16 teabags
-Bedtime x 16 teabags
-Bedtime ( Caramel ) x 16 teabags
-Calming teabags-16 teabags
-Stomach Ease x 16 teabags
-Throat Comfort x 16 teabags
-Lemon Ginger teabags-16 teabags
-Honey Lavender Stress Relief x 16 teabags