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Certified Organic Konjac Fettuccini Style 400g

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Information from Zero Slim -

ZERO Slim & Healthy Konjac Noodles, Rice & Pasta consist of 97% water and 3% Glucomannan Fibre, an all natural vegetable fibre which is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant.

Recent medical studies have shown beneficial effects to help people with type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and constipation. Because they are made solely from Glucomannan Fibre (and water), they are not made with wheat or any other normal noodle & pasta making ingredients which also makes our ZERO range totally allergen free.

Our ZERO Slim & Healthy range also aid in digestion by slowing the absorption of sugars, which can cause our insulin to spike sharply and then crash. Spiking and crashing insulin are one of the hardest hurdles to overcome in trying to lose weight. When we eat starchy or sugary foods, we become ‘hyped’ up and full of quick energy. This means insulin is produced too fast. In the long run, this can cause diabetes, obesity and other health issues.

The fibre in our noodles is wonderful for cleansing the colon of fatty deposits and toxic waste. This waste accumulates in our bodies over the years and is one of the largest culprits of weight gain and fatigue. Our bodies become sluggish, and we feel tired all the time which causes us to slow down. It also causes us to get less exercise and leads to eating more to boost our energy. With only one gram of the soluble Glucomannan in our diets (ideally once a day before your biggest meal), you can detoxify your colon and remove build up.