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**Low Carb** Almond Flour Crackers - Sea Salt 64g

$6.85 $6.95

Best Keto crackers has launched! With only 2g net carb you're bound to love our crackers even if you're not on Keto!

  • Healthy Keto snacks. Low carb chips perfect for Keto diet. Low carb saltine crackers to go
  • Almond Flour Crackers is your go to Keto snack chips. Legendary Keto fat bombs replace pork rinds
  • Absolutely Gluten Free Crackers - Keto chips are a great alternatives to egg white chips
  • Perfect Keto snack. Move away cheese crisps and saltines! Fat is good snack crackers
  • Toss away your kale chips! Our almond meal cracker are closest to zero carb snack


Nut and Seed flour blend (almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds), tapioca fiber, egg white, fiber (rice resistant starch), butter, coconut cream, soy protein, coconut oil, xanthum gum, black pepper, onion powder, baking powder, salt, rosemary, garlic powder