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How to get back on track after holiday/Festival?

How to get back on track after holiday/Festival?

How to get back on track after festival/holiday

We have returned from our mini getaway, had so much fun and lots of delicious food! Was I on Keto all the way? I'd be lying if I said yes 🤣🤣However! I am totally ok with that! Because life is all about balance, I am on Keto way of eating because I want to feel good. Yes on some occasions I do want some holiday food, I allow myself to keep mentally happy!

After having indulging moments, many struggle to get back on track. As I started my Keto way of eating since 2017, through holidays and festival, I am very proud I have been doing quite well to get back on track with some tricks! If you are struggling to get back on track after all the indulgence, here are some tips which you might find useful!

Clean out all the temptation foods and stock up on nutritious food again! It is so important we do not let those temptations stay! It is so easy when we think I will have a bite, turns into we finished the whole bag! The key is to not have the guilty pleasure around, if you are keen to get back on track. Stock up with your healthy food and snacks to make sure you have food to reach out when needed.

Water is your best friend! After all the holiday foods it is totally normal if you feel tired, bloated and yuck! How to get that feeling out of your system? Flush it out and fuel with good food! Aim to drink 2 to 3 litres of water throughout the day. First thing in the morning a full glass always is a good habit to get a kick start! I love to have cucumber, celery and kale juice in the first few days to reset my stomach and taste buds. A squeeze of lemon juice makes it better.

Start your exercise again! At the end of the day you did eat more than you need during special occasions, so if you want to get back on track exercise always helps to shed those extra happy weight you gained

Give it time! Don't expect after 1 week of indulgence that you can lose everything in a day or 2! Be consistent and stick to your routine the weight will eventually come off again.

Meal prep- Most of us will get back to a busy life after holidays. Make sure you meal prep with all the good stuff again to save time and money!

🔴For myself although I do indulge here and there during holiday, but I also make sure I don't go overboard and fit at least one healthy meal a day. The more you let yourself go the longer it will take for you to get back on track. 🔴

The most substantial diet is all about creating healthy habits, be consistent and don't rely on quick fix.

After all, you had fun and good time, stop feeling guilty what you shouldn't have but move on😉💞

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Always Read The Label

Always Read The Label

If you have been on keto/low carb lifestyle for a while, you would have most likely developed a habit of reading the label of a product before you buy! There are many products out there labelled as "Healthy", "Keto", "Low carb" on the front package, but when you flip it to the back you would be shocked with the nutritional information and ingredients. It is essential to read the label before you put that product in your trolley!

When I started my keto journey back in 2017, our menu was quite, plain. Not many products were available back then. The version of ketogenic diet I followed was 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carb. I was a strict keto for 2 years. Then I switched to flexible keto as I was losing too much weight. Over the year the term "Keto" has transformed into quite a few different version. Personally I support all kind of healthy eating lifestyle, as long as it suit you! However, if you do have a sensitive stomach or health conditions which requires you to be more strict with your ingredients, make sure you always consult a health professional before you start anything.

Also, if your goal is to lose weight, remember you need to be in a calorie deficit to achieve that! Keto and low carb food are healthier options but it doesn't gives you the green light to eat as much as you want😉

Remember, always read the label and don't let the marketing fool you!

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My first time on the scale in years

My first time on the scale in years

✍️My first time on the scale in years ✍️

If you have been following us for a while, you would know I don't use the scale numbers to track my progress. Reasons are-

- I found it extremely stressful that my mind is affected by what the number is showing. It has never been a motivating tool for me
- My weight can fluctuate up to 4kgs overnight (Yup, you read this right). If I have a high carb day, my body retain so much more fluid than usual.
-My ovulation cycle affects my weight up to 5kgs in 2 days. Whenever I approach my ovulation cycle, my body retain more fluid as bloating kicks in
-Lack of sleep and stress can affects my weight significantly as well
- I used to obsess to be skinny, I wasn't healthy and happy. I wanted to be my goal weight, 45kgs (I am 167cm tall). I was mentally and physically ill. I would starve myself if I had a big meal the day before. I didn't see any progress and rely solely on those scale numbers to tell me if I am doing something right
- I now do not see that numbers determine my progress. I am leaner, but heavier now. I ask now, what's the purpose on those numbers?
- Everyone can have very different views on those numbers. People thatare taller will often weight more compared to a petite size female. Does that mean we judge and compare our bodies harshly against another?

The list goes on.....

I want to put this post up because by the BMI scale (I know not a good scale to use) I borderline the healthy range. If you knew me in real life you would never think how heavy I am. So what's more important? Those numbers on the scale? Or feeling good, healthy, have more energy to do things you enjoy, nourish your body with food that benefits your health?
Those numbers on the scale only tell you all your hard work is pretty pointless if heaven forbid you gain a kg or two because you had a big meal? Bare in mind, you cannot and will not gain 1kg of fat overnight.

For those who are curious, the scale says I am 69kg last night and this morning is 66kg😆😆😆Not that I give a 💩💩💩 now, but I would be stressed for ages if this happened 4 years ago.

Don't let any type of numbers tells you that you are not giving your best, other than feeling 10 out of 10 💖


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