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ASSORTED BOX - High Performance

$62.50 $69.95


This box contains 30 individual sachets of High performance coffee. This is an Assorted box, so you get to change it up depending on your mood.

This premium instant coffee fix is the perfect for an instant energy hit to start your mornings/workout or that needed boost for a long afternoon.

Just simply add hot water, stir and your set (throw in some ice for those warm afternoons). No fuss.

What's in it?

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Powder

MCT’s are highly sought after because of their ability to metabolise unwanted fat. They’re also great for enhancing mental clarity, improving your mood and general performance!

Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng)

Known as the ‘King of Herbs’ Siberian Ginseng is the ultimate adaptogen. It helps your body regulate Cortisol (Stress hormone). Resulting in longer lasting energy, alertness and stamina.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Proven to assist with blood sugar management, appetite control and reduce that hangry feeling!


With over 6,235 peer reviewed studies published on the benefits of Turmeric you can bet your ass its worth including this super food in our coffee. Best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and positive effects on metabolism and wellbeing.

Black Pepper (BioPerine®)

Most people add sugar to coffee but we are adding Pepper. BioPerine® has been clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption by up to 154%.


Warning: This product contains Caffeine, always be mindful to drink to what you or your medical physician advises. Not suitable for: children under 15, pregnant/breastfeeding individuals, and those who are sensitive to caffeine.