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Chow Om Goodness Macadamia Coconut Cookies 140g


Low Carb, Sugar Free, Dairy-free & Gluten-free. CRUNCHY "Buttery" Coconut-y cookies sweetened with Lakanto.

Made with 100% Australian Macadamias and Almonds!

Per Cookie (20g) Per 100g
Energy 449kj 2,245kj
Protein 2.1g 10.7g
Fat 10.3g 51.5g
Carbohydrate  <1g 2.6g
-sugars <1g 2.6g
Dietary Fibre 2.1g 10.5g
Sodium 104mg 522mg

Allergy warning: Contains MACADAMIAS and ALMONDS

Erythritol may have a cooling sensation on the taste buds.

While care is taken during the packaging process of these cookies, they can still break during delivery.