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Googys Good- Choc Collagen + Egg Protein Chocolate Dark Raspberry 100g

$9.50 $9.95

** Please be mindful this product may melt during warm/hot weather. Keto Direct will not offer returns/exchanges if the product melts during transportation.Please refrigerated them once you receive the product.**


Googys Good Choc+ Dark Raspberry is a rich, smooth and playful premium chocolate with well-balanced cocoa, vanilla and coconut notes. With the fruity and tangy flavour hit of pure dried 100% Australian raspberries.

Whether you’re curbing late-night cravings or enjoying a little daily treat, try Googys guilt-free chocolate. Googys chocolate is made in small batches from sustainably and ethically sourced cocoa, is very low in sugar (sweetened with Monk Fruit), and is dairy and gluten free. The unique combination of egg white and collagen adds high protein without any dairy. Perfect for those on a keto diet or chocolate lovers wanting to reduce sugar or dairy