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Spice Kit - Greek Obsession 50g

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The Greek Obsession Spice Kit 

It's simple and delicious, pairing well with lamb, pork, beef and chicken. This kit is great for stews, soups, roasts, moussaka and souvlaki grills, hence the versatility. 

When I think Greek, I picture family, friends, foods and get-togethers fitting in well with our Aussie culture. This kit creates those recipes easily whether you want to make a roast for a family dinner or have a BBQ get-together with friends. It's also perfect if your looking to meal prep or you simply want to create a hearty family soup.  

The Greek Obsession Spice Kit, is suitable for beef, chicken, lamb or pork.  

Ingredients : Oregano, mint, stock, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, smoked paprika


Whats different about Gourmet Spice Kits? 


* Recipe cards included/Use your imagination

* Each spice pack is 50 gms

Each 50 gm flavour will cook 2 to 2.5kgs of meat

* Serves 12-15

* Flexibility to use with Protein of your choice 

* Flavoursome healthy eating at your finger tips

* Create home cooked restaurant quality meals without the junk