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Guilt Free Ranch Spice Kit 50g

$7.60 $8.95


This kit has versatility. It ca make a salad pop, and at the same time pair with all kinds of meals. The Guilt-Free Ranch ticks all the boxes. A few ingredients can achieve incredible flavour. Not to mention all the super market brands are laden with flour, filler, sugar and high in sodium. 

It can be used on just about anything, not just as a salad topper or dressing. 

You can make

1. Ranch Meat Balls

2. Creamy Ranch Soup

3. Add Ranch Spice Kit to jazz up an homemade dip

4. Add to your scrambled eggs

5. Add to your creamy Potato Bake or Veggie Bake

You get the idea, you cant go wrong with the Guilt-Free Ranch Spice Kit

Ingredients: parsley, garlic, onion powder, onion flakes, pepper, chives, salt.