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Keto Direct - Starter Pack

$126.00 $143.00

Starting out Keto/Low Carb Journey? Or just stocking up on some essentials? This pack here is perfect for the pantry and will help kick start your delicious meals!

In this pack you will receive the follow:

Everyday Keto Cookbook by Megan Ellam

Keto Nutrition
1 x ReVitalise Sugar Free Electrolytes 30 Servings
Flavour options- Sour apple, Raspberry, Lemon lime, Grape

Undivided Food Co
1 x Good Sauce BBQ 270g
1 x Good Sauce Tomato Ketchup 270g

Miracle Noodle
1 x Noodle (Soup) 280g *Low Carb*
Flavour options- Vegan Spaghetti Marinara, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, Green Curry Noodles, Pad Thai, Japanese Curry Noodles


Niulife coconut ghee 350g


1 X Real Salt 284g

Callowfit sauce x 1

Gourmet Spice Kits
1 x Spice Mix

(Please check under Gourmet Spice range in store for the variety of options)

Please note, that some items comes in different flavours/spice levels and will be chosen randomly, please leave a note at check out if you have any specific flavours (spice levels) in mind.