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Loka 7 Pack - Protein Chips, Lupin Crackers & Biscotti

$49.95 $54.45

Try all these amazing Chips, Crackers and Biscotti in one pack and Save $$$

Pack includes:

1 x Sea Salt Protein Chips-100g

1 x Protein Chips Salt & Vinegar 50g

1 x Protein Chips Chilli Lime 50g

1 x Low Carb Lupin Chip - Rosemary & Sea Salt 120g 

1 x Low Carb Lupin Chip - Italian Cheese & Herb 120g

1 x Low Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti 100g 

1 x Low Carb Almond Chai Biscotti 100g (Best Before 20/07/24)