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Melrose Ignite Keto Ball Variety pack 4x35g ( Best Before 08/24)

$9.20 $14.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Crafted with premium ingredients, our keto-friendly Keto Balls promote mindful snacking by offering a rich and satisfying flavour profile without compromising on health.

Get in this pack:
1 x Melrose Ignite Keto Ball Choc Brownie 35g
1 x Melrose Ignite Keto Ball Choc Cherry 35g
1x Melrose Ignite Keto Ball Macadamia Vanilla Crisps 35g (Sold out) 
1 x Melrose Ignite Keto Ball Vanilla Choc Chip 35g (Sold out)


• High Protein
• Low Sugar
• Low Carb
• Keto Friendly

Allergen May Be Present: Peanuts| Walnuts| Hazelnuts| Pecan| Macadamia Nuts| Pine Nuts| Brazil Nuts| Pistachios