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**NEW** Collagen Creamer- Caramel 200g

$48.95 $49.95

Introducing the key to your Yüth! A brand new, and seriously complex blend crammed full of age-defying ingredients that taste just as good as you'll look. Each serving is packed with 8000mg of hydrolyzed collagen, along with hyaluronic acid, biotin & Yüth.

Collagen Complex is a dairy free, sugar free and low calorie alternative to regular drinking powders, with all the benefits of the ground breaking combination of all your favourite beautifying active ingredients. This versatile drinking powder is so creamy and flavoursome that it can simply be mixed with water and consumed, or added to coffee, shakes & recipes. 

May vary between flavour

Avg qty per serve Avg qty per 100mL
Energy 140kj (33.5 cal) 1400kj (335 cal)
Protein 8.1g 80.7g
Fat - total 0.1g 1.3g
- saturated 0.1g 0.8g
Carbohydrate - total 0.3g 3.4g
- sugars 0.0g 0.4g
Sodium 63.7mg 637mg