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Oliver Lane- Toasted Nigella Seed Keto Crispbread 110g

$9.95 $13.00

Indulge in flavor-packed Oliver Lane Keto Crispbread! With a low carb count and keto-friendly ingredients, these crisps are not just tasty but also guilt-free. Trust us, these crisps are one of the best on the market!



Sweetly spiced, toasted nigella seeds make everything pop – simple with homemade mayonnaise and hard-boiled egg – pesto, spinach, grilled mushroom and crumbled feta – plate amongst berries, watermelon, blue cheese and cheddar, yes, it’s that versatile


Rich in fibre, anti-oxidants and Vitamin E -
Filtered water, Australian blanched almond meal, sunflower seed, psyllium husk, organic coconut flour, organic olive oil, baking powder, nigella seed (2%), salt, organic apple cider vinegar