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Pimp My Salad- Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds 135g

$9.50 $9.95

Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds with a spicy kick!

New peelable labels! Reuse our recyclable PET jars to store your spices and bulk goods for a more sustainable pantry..

What are Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds?

Crunchy, savoury and with just the right amount of kick, our Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds are a spice lover’s favourite meal topper! They’re made with only the most wholesome ingredients and are the easiest way to add plant based protein and nutrients to your meals, while giving them that extra something special in the flavour department.

How to use Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds:

From lush picnics to satisfying car snacks, our Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds are a fan's favourite. Sprinkle them on your dishes for the best salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes, avocado toast and soups, or enjoy them as a delicious vegan snack on their own! Spiced Activated Sunflower Seeds are so flavourful, you can mix them in with plain seeds and nuts for an instant spicy trail mix.