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Reset Value pack

$149.00 $170.60

This value pack includes some of the essential products that you can use while following Dr. Mindy's "Fast Like A Girl" resetting program. Flavours can be chosen, as long as they are equivalent to same value.

 This value pack includes the following 10 products-

1x Fast Like A Girl Written By Dr. Mindy Pelz

1x Kickstart MCT Oil 250ml

2x Mingle Seasoning Bottle shaker 45g/50g (Please refer to Mingle Shaker range)

2x Mingle Meal Prep sachet 30g (Please refer to Mingle Sachet Range)

1x 30 serves Revitalise electrolytes

(Flavours available: Sour apple, Lemon Lime, Grape, Raspberry)

1x Redmond Ancient Sea Salt Fine 737g

1x NiuLife Coconut Ghee 350ml

1x Nutra Organic Bone Broth 390ml

(sold out, will substitute to beef brothers powder)