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Perfect Porridge-Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon-240g



Delicious porridge made with premium ground vanilla beans and cinnamon.

Can be served hot or cold.

* Keto friendly
* No added sugar 
* Excellent source of dietary fibre
* Wheat and grain free
* Super easy to make, just add preferred milk
* Plant based sweeteners
* No artificial ingredients

* No maltitol or xylitol

We only use naturally sourced plant based GMO-free sweeteners,
(but they have terrible names!): 
* Erythritol - a naturally occuring nectar found in fermented fruits like melons and grapes.
* Organic steviol glycosides - are the sweet part of the leaves of the stevia plant and are extracted in a way that is similar to how sugar is extracted from sugar cane.

Ingredients: Flaxseed Meal, Natural Sweetener (Erythritol, Organic Stevia (Steviol Glycosides)), Chia Seeds, Organic Coconut Flour, Cinnamon (3%), Vanilla Bean Powder (2%), Mixed Spice.

Made with love on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Porridge is delicious on it's own or can be topped with whipped cream/coconut cream, chopped nuts or berries for even more indulgence.