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Snack Attack Dukkah 70g

$12.50 $12.95

Snack Attack Dukkah: A blend for when you are craving a quick healthy snack.

The Snack Attack was designed with a snacker in mind, particularly a late night snacker like me. I always found I undid my days hard work, by reaching for a bag of chips.

Use them anyway you like.

1. Rub it on and roast/grill protein of your choice
2. Sprinkle it on eggs your way
3. Toss it through your salad
4. Whip it into a dressing of your choice
5. Top your dips
6. Add it to your stir fry
7. Sprinkle onto your creamy soup of choice
8. Top your Mac and Cheese
9. Garnish your low carb bread with it
10. Spruce up your roast, grilled or steamed vegetables
11. Mix it into your low carb crumb options
12. Coat your protein and grill.

It makes everything better ! 

Ingredients: Pistachio, hazelnut, sesame seeds, coriander, cumin, salt, pepper, chilli, poppy seeds, onion, garlic.