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That's A Wrap - Low Carb Wrap Mix 80g (Best Before 31/10/24)

$8.95 $9.95

Each pack makes 4 large wraps and can be made one at a time as packs are resealable.

This is a classic bendy wrap which you can make as thick or thin as you like and contains only real food ingredients to support good health. Can be made in a frypan or your flat sandwich press, this is an incredibly easy and versatile mix.

Perfect for:
- your favourite protein & salad fillings
- toasties
- pizza base/calzone
- sweet cinnamon and cream cheese roll ups
- souvlaki
- soft tacos
- and so much more

So easy to make - just add your preferred milk and egg.

* Keto friendly and low carb
* Gluten free and dairy free
* Suitable for diabetics
* Recommended by Low Carb Doctors and Dieticians
* No artificial ingredients
* No seed oils or starches

Australian Flaxseed meal, Organic coconut flour (sulphite free), Psyllium husk

Don't be fooled by supermarket low carb bread/wrap alternatives that are often full of wheat gluten, starches, vegetable oils and many artificial ingredients which don't support good health and heal your body.