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Pantry Essential Pack 1 with cookbook

$119.25 $132.50

The best and easiest way to start your keto journey is to stock up on your pantry and essentials. This value pack includes the following incredible products which will definitely assist you!

This Value pack includes the following 14 products-

Everyday Keto Cookbook by Megan Ellam

Mingle sauces-



Sweet Chilli

Mingle seasonings sachet-

Green curry



Spag Bol


Mingle seasoning shaker

All purpose

Garlic and herb

BBQ lovers

Lakanto classic sweetener 200g

Redmond real salt pouch -737g 


**If there are any specific flavours in the pack you would like to swap for a different alternative, please leave us a note. We can swap for different flavours as long as they are the same value. Any stock unavailable will be substituted for another flavour**