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Beef Biltong The Burn 200g

$25.95 $26.95

The Burn is our mild chilli spice and a true athlete's food. Abiding by the KISS principle, we simply added a lot of f**king chilli to our Benchmark spice.

Biltong is a traditional South African food, where large beef steaks are marinated in vinegar, spiced and then hung to air dry in a controlled environment at ambient temperatures.

Barbell Biltong is healthier and tastier than jerky and contains no preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy or added sugar.

It takes 10 days to dry our biltong to perfection and no heat is used to cook the meat during this process. This gives it a much softer texture than jerky. During this time, the steaks lose most of their weight from water evaporation and at least 2.6kg of organic grass-fed Australian beef is used to make 1kg of Barbell Biltong. What's left is a convenient and dense source of protein that tastes great.

By sourcing the healthiest beef possible and by avoiding preservatives, our biltong differs from most in that it's made with a health focus in mind. We use biltong to compliment our own lifestyles as the perfect high protein, low carb, real food.

100% Grass-fed and finished Organic Beef and never concentrated into feedlots because we're committed to providing the healthiest and most sustainably farmed beef in Australia. We're proud to be partnering with OBE Organic Australia who's cattle feast on more than 250 species of native grasses and herbaceous plants, choosing the diets that nature intended.

OBE place a strong emphasis on animal welfare and their cattle graze on pastures, free from synthetic chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. All OBE beef are certified organic, which assures sustainable farming practices are implemented, which is better for the environment, the animal and you.  

Made in Australia