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Gourmet Spice Kits - Smokey Beef & Bacon Casserole 50g 12 serves



This would have to be the most eaten Spice Kit at my home. I use this at least once a week. Being a BEEF LOVER this combination is a match made in heaven. 

There is nothing better than a hearty full flavoured Beef Casserole. Summer or Winter this is a favourite in my home. 

The Beef is given a nice kick with the smoky paprika and herbs together and when slow cooked the beef just melts in your mouth. 

You can serve as a chunky casserole or pull the beef to use as filling for sandwiches, or even top your salads with the filling. Perfect for hubby's lunches!

You can optionally serve with Brown Rice, Quinoa, Cauliflower Rice, Potato/Sweet Potato Mash, Spaghetti, Zucchini Noodles etc

Cuts of meat that is suitable to use is Chuck Steak, Gravy Beef, Beef Brisket, Ox Tail/Osso Bucco, Beef Ribs etc

Ingredients: Paprika, Pepper, Chilli, Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Garlic, Onion, Cayenne Pepper.