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PBCO Double Choc Chip Muffin Mix 94 % Sugar Free 340g

$11.50 $11.95

Love a scrumptious Double Choc Chip Muffin but don’t want the sugar hit?

These delicious 94% Sugar Free Double Choc Chip Muffins with decadent choc chips are the perfect addition to any lunchbox or treat for the whole family.

Made from real low carb ingredients, naturally sweetened and with no nasties, who doesn’t want one of these soft chocolatey muffins. And as a bonus, they are also gluten free (but we guarantee no one will know).

And how good is this - these muffins include delicious sugar free choc chips, made from REAL chocolate with no palm oil and no nasties. Because when you want a choc chip muffin, you want it packed full of delicious gooey chocolatey goodness!