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Why I started my Keto/ LCHF journey

Why I started my Keto/ LCHF journey

Briefly, my mother has a long list of health conditions, including diabetes/ Obesity, high blood pressure to name a few. Doctors have been warning me all my life I will inherit some of mum's health issues at some point in my life. I rarely felt healthy in most of my adulthood life. My immunity has always been very low as stated by countless medical and natural remedy practitioners. After having kids, I gained 22 kgs and my health went further downhill. I was having a cold on a weekly basic, easily get infections, vertigo, PCOS, insomnia  and most of all I just don't have energy to run the day without a big dose caffeine. 
1.The photo on the far left was when I followed what most old schoolers considers a type of healthy diet (which is admittedly better that eating fast food and soft drinks all day), salad, lean meat, count calories, avoid fatty foods. Even good fats wasn't a healthy thing in my mind back then. I used to also exercise 5 to 6 days a week, 2 hours on average each day, however, weight didn't move much nor the inches around the body, whislt still feeling lethargic. When ever I was asked to be in a photo, I would always feel the need to hide behind someone and ask the person to take from a slim angle😆 (you know what i'm talking about).
2. The photo in the middle I tried to reduce sugary food and snacks. Exercise 4 to 5 days a week and my weight just stalled at 67kgs for a loooong time.
3. Photo on the right- I discovered Keto (since 2017). My health at that time was in terrible shape, I had a very rough month with 4 different infections attacking my body. Vertigo for 6 weeks. I couldn't function properly without medication. I told myself I needed to do something different! I visited a GP, a specialist, even Chinese doctors, everyone said the results show that I was fine. Even blood test results came back without answers, and suggested that I was in tip top shape! What!? I knew I was not fine! I was miserable, until I finally cross paths with a naturopathic physician. He introduced me to Paleo/ Keto. After tons of research, including completing a nutrition course. I started to understand what I needed to do for myself. I tried Paleo for a week but I wasn't happy with the food choices. So I start trying Keto. Everything changed. I absolutely enjoy Keto foods, now I have tons of energy (I can keep up with my kids now), my illnesses/sickness has reduced. The amazing part is the unwanted weight is slowly coming off which is a bonus every day! Now I still exercise, maybe 1 or 2 days a week and stick to LCHF 90% of the time. When I say 90%, I don't count marco, I avoid obvious carbs and sugary food, I still will enjoy special event treat now and again, but I am in control. We only live once 😜 I am not going to lie, I do miss the fresh bread smell and taste. But I care about how I feel, way more than the tempting carbs out there. Plus, my taste buds have changed a lot after I started Keto/ LCHF. I no longer need sugar in my drinks which I was used to. 
Sincerely, I didn't started Keto/ LCHF to lose weight. The appearance and weight lost is a bonus for me. What I treasure now is, what I feel internally, the motivation I gained, the energy I have to share, I have become a new person! 
Whatever your goal or reason for doing Keto, just remember to stay focus, give it time because it will take time for our bodies and minds to adjust into another lifestyle. Don't stress over the scales and numbers!!! They are the cream on top (Keto obviously). How you look and feel does! 
Always remember, Keto is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and a choice.
Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoy your Keto/LCHF journey and have great results along the way. 😊

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