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How I merged into Keto

How I merged into Keto

How I merged into Keto

Hi everyone! I will be sharing some of my tips and experiences about how I merged into a Keto lifestyle. Remember these are my own experience, if you do have any concern make sure you consult your health professionals before you begin!

Personally I benefit from Keto in so many different ways and passionate about spreading the word and methods in the hope it can help others!

I tried both diving right into Keto and slowly merging into Keto. I found merging in is much better because:
1. I was less likely to be hit by the Keto Flu
2. I didn't feel I had to make dramatic changes so quickly
3. I developed and fine tune my new eating habits at a smooth pace
4. Progress was more rewarding, steady, and consistent

How did I start?
- I gave away all non-Keto compliance food and stock up Keto friendly food in my pantry and fridge

It is important to do this as your first step because you want to make sure you eliminate all temptations and have easy access with all Keto products. This definitely gets you into a Keto lifestyle sooner!

- Produce meal plans. You begin a novice, so plan for what your going to eat, don't wait until you hungry and then figure it out. I changed and extended the menu as often as I could to keep it interesting!

We want to keep our Keto journey fun and interesting so we can stick to it and make it work! Believe me there are so much amazing Keto recipes, products and snacks available these day that you will love this way of eating!!!

-Set mini goals

I bought a piece of clothing I liked one size smaller and aim to fit into it! I found setting mini goals works better because it is more realistic and you feel more motivated about doing it. Remember it's not about the end result, it's the life you want to live.

- Allowed myself to enjoy a little treat on special occasions

Keto is a lifestyle so still celebrate when there is a special event! Just be mindful with treats! If you know you will be attending a party (it would be mostly carb loaded) eat lots of healthy fat ,veggies and protein before you go, prevent the likelihood of overeating on carbs. And, always remember, what sugar and carbs does to our body after you eat them! If I go to a birthday party I will have a few mouth full of cake, and that's all, I'm satisfied. It's not hard to say no when you see so much more benefits from avoiding the sugars!

- Have your partner to do Keto with you, (or at the very least understand why)

I think most of us always has that dilemma; when we are deciplined but our partner is just doing absolutely opposite. So if you can convince your partner to team you up the success rate will be much higher😉. If it's not their thing, make sure they understand and respect why you have chosen Keto/LCHF.

- I take measurements instead of weighing myself, also take selfie of your whole body

I used to rely on the scale a lot on my progress, it was obsessive and too stressful. About 6 months ago instead of weighing myself, I took measurement and selfie of my whole body to check my progress. I found this is much more accurate because my goal is to physically look better (and feel good of course), not just to impress the scale😉. When you take measurement make sure try to do it about the same time every month and postpone a few days if you had a big feast or event to be more accurate.

The last thing, GIVE YOURSELF TIME

It took time for us to gain the weight and get into a bad state of health.
So don't give up because you didn't see a change this week or the next. Your body will need time to heal and adjust so if you be consistent, your health will get better, you will feel better, you will look better and the weight loss is just, lets be honest, fantastic!

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