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Apam Balik (Indonesian Pancakes/ Mee Chiang Kueh)

Apam Balik (Indonesian Pancakes/ Mee Chiang Kueh)

Apam Balik (Indonesian Pancakes/ Mee Chiang Kueh) 


Apam Balik is an old-fashioned breakfast food and snack that is very popular among South East Asian countries. 
Below is a recipe that I found in a Keto group: 
50g Cream Cheese 
2 Eggs 
½ Tsp Vanilla Essence 
15 g Melted butter 
3 tbsp almond flour 
1 tsp baking powder 
5 g butter 
Crushed Almond or peanut
Coconut Desiccate 
Optional: Dark Chocolate, whipped cream etc 
Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl 
Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl 
Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients 
Heat up non-stick frypan (with lid) for a short while. Pour the batter and swirl the pan to create a crispy skin at the sides. Wait for bubbles to appear (Use low heat) 
Cover with kid when bubbles appear until the top is cooked and skin turns golden brown and crispy.  
Add your favourite toppings and fold the pancake in half. I used no-sugar peanut butter, crushed toasted almonds, powdered xylitol and coconut desiccate. You can even add cream cheese and mozzarella for a savoury style, be creative!

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