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🐟 Basa Flax seed Fishcakes 🐟

🐟 Basa Flax seed Fishcakes 🐟

Having a versatile Keto menu will always help you enjoy and stick to the Keto/ LCHF lifestyle!

Try this out!

 🐟Basa Flax Seed Fishcakes🐟


-  200g Basa Fillets
-  1 whole glove of garlic, peeled skin, crushed
-  2 tablespoons Nuts about Life almond meal
-  2 tablespoons flax seed
-  1 tablespoon Nuts About Life Psysillum Husk
-  2 tablespoon Every Bit Organic Macadamia oil

- 1 teaspoon cracked pepper
- 1 teaspoon Nuts About Life Himalayan Salt
- 1 teaspoon sesame oil

Dipping sauce-
Keto Corner Kitchen Capsicum Relish Chilli

1. Put Basa fillet, garlic, and seasoning in a food processor, blend until all combined
2. Heat up frypan on medium heat with Macadamia Oil
3 . Mixed flaxseed, Psysillum husk and almond meal use as a coating
4. Shaped fish paste into cake or desire shape, use a spoon sprinkle coating mixture
5. Cook in frypan until cooked and golden brown
6. Served with Keto Kitchen Corner Capsicum Relish chilli

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