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Keto Chocolate Rapsberries Cake

Keto Chocolate Rapsberries Cake

When it comes to special occasions, some people may think if you are on a Keto/ LCHF lifestyle you will miss out on all the special foods in life. The truth is NO! Living with a KETO/ LCHF lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up special treat! You just need to find the right recipe to enjoy those special moments and food!
Special thanks to the talented husband who made this amazingly delicious Keto raspberry chocolate cake!
The recipe is from www.gnom-gnom.com/paleo-keto-chocolate-cake/
The taste, texture and looks are absolutely to my liking and if you didn't tell me I would not know this is a keto cake!
Check out the recipe and hope you will enjoy as well!
We have used the nuts about life almond and little zebra chai and hemp seed chocolate for this cake🙋
-Added Raspberries
-Changed Stevia into Xylitol
-Doubled recipe to make 2 layers

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