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What exercises do I do?

What exercises do I do?

What exercises do I do? 

When we hear the word ' Exercise' we feel as if we need to full on intensity to get result. The fact is lots of us especially mothers who don't have the luxury to spend hours in gym so what kind of exercise we can manage to sneak in our hectic daily routine? 
*Note: I don't go to the gym, I do most of my exercise at home or go for a walk, hiking etc. 
1. Buy a step counter and aim for minimum 8k steps daily. You may think 8k sounds a lot but the reality is I do 10k easily daily without trying! I guess that is one bonus part of having two little ones there are just so much to do! If you don't have kids no worries! Try park your car little further and walk those extra bits! Working in the office? Go up and down the stairs on your lunch break you will be amazed how fantastic it is to tone your lower body and burn fat! 
2. Dancing with the kids 
What a perfect way to entertain and bond with the kids while exercise the same time! We got the Wii Dance game at home and we love the Wii Dance time! It's fun and make you sweat at the same time! 
3. Dumb bell weight training , Dancing, Cardio, Aerobic 
As following are some You tube links that I enjoy the most hope you will like them too! 
Weight training- 
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VEP9zl8K-4&list=PLVf7k53N1vFBXwTUJS4JZmH32LD48jTkU&index=2 
Cardio, Aeriobic 
Bottom line, pick a routine that suit your lifestyle and you have interested in over what everyone else are doing! Because if you enjoy it you will look forward to it instead of feeling stress about doing it! P.S. My father is a professional personal trainer since he was young although he suggested many other exercises which may can show significant result however, I found pick a routine to suit my lifestyle is more likely I can stick to it, consistency is the key! 
Also consult your health professional before you start any type of exercise if you have concern, do remember everyone’s body is different and also listen to your body. Rest is as important as exercise to achieve your goal! Push yourself but not hurt yourself. Happy exercing :)

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