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I am lost, I don't know what to do!

I am lost, I don't know what to do!

"I am lost, I don't know what I want to do. "

I have received quite a few dms asking me this question since new years, so I hope this blog can help some of you to better understand what’s important in your journeys ❤

At times, we question ourselves, why am I doing the same things as others but not getting the same results as them?

Before we go any further, I need to give you a reminder first: “Everyone is different, comparing yourself to others" is not the best way to start. Starting with the right m indset is essential to achieve your goals.

I am very sure most of us will go through a stage start doubting if we are doing it right: What if?? Can I take a shortcut?? Why aren’t I getting any visible results? How long will it take??

Coming from Asian background, looking slim is a fundamental subject which we have no choice but to embrace from a young age. Why? Because the majority of society believe looks is everything. Thankfully, these days, with more education about learning what's important and what we should focus on, we are exposed to more realistic concepts/images, showing us we can still feel confident and look good in all sizes. We used to look at numbers to determine if our bodies are the "right size” with BMI range, our weight, but somehow height has been ignored by many. Then we start seeing more realistic measuring methods, such as:

💪How good I feel
💪How my dress size has gone down
💪 How my rings and belt size has gone down
💪How much energy I have and how much more I can do in a day
💪How I see myself in the mirror and appreciate what I see
💪 Simply I am being true to myself and not what other people want me to be

If you pay attention with the transition, it is all about the "healthy mindset". If you do get to your healthy BMI range or goal weight, but you are still not happy and feel horrible, what's the point? Hence the phrase “everyone is different” comes to play an important role. I am sure if you are in your 20s or with no kids, you would have much higher standards with your body shape because you have more time to work on yourself. In saying this, I am not suggesting after being a mum we should just let ourselves go. No! But we are being realistic, if I have a newborn and I don't get much sleep during the night, I should focus more on my food and rest instead of exercise. Every stage in life changes our standards for ourselves. The bottom line is: do things that are good for your body and soul, be consistent and don't rush for results. Appearance isn't everything. Instead, work towards inner beauty, healthy mind and physical health, be kind to yourself and don’t letting yourself go. It’s the best kind of investment you can make.

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