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Which diet is the best?

Which diet is the best?

I think this is a very common question for majority of adults, which diet is the best?

I have been on a Keto way of eating since 2017, it has been working for me. However, I also acknowledge it is not for everyone! So which diet is the best?

The answer is- The one that makes you feel the best, as well as provide the best health benefits to your body! The one you can stick to a majority of the time and not feeling so restricted!

Now you may ask why I choose Keto? What's are the benefits? Coming from as Asian background/culture, women are obsessed to be skinny. To the point you look like a bag of bones. Since I moved to Australia in 2003, I started noticing curves on bodies and it's beautiful! Literally beauty does comes in all sizes! Before Keto, I was on a very low fat (nearly no fat diet) because seriously! How can I stay slim whilst eating fat? There is a saying "everything happens for a reason", after 2 kids my health went downhill. My immunity was so low causing me to suffer a bucket of health problems. After I visited a health professional he introduced me keto. I did all my research before I start trying because I wasn't convinced! However, the magic started happening on the second months of my keto life. My weekly cold/flu suddenly disappeared after years of struggle. I could survive without caffeine? What? I used to drink all these energy drinks to keep me going! The benefits just kept rolling in, the most significant changes are- More energy, no more inflammation on the stomach, losing weight without trying (because I don't feel hungry all the time like before), my immunity is at the strongest since my teenage years, my brain works so much better (More clarity and less feeling down), and my PCOS symptoms finally settled (I have regular cycles, instead of skipping months). These are the things you can't see, but I feel. Appearance wise I no longer am obsessed with the scale, I am focus on how I feel and look in the mirror.

Before you start any new kind of diet, always consult your health professionals. Do as much research as you can (Don't just jump into it because it worked for someone else). Write down a list of things you will be doing to get it to work, not waiting for someone else to do it for you.

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